LibreOffice and Eclipse: LOEclipse 2.0 released

Remote debugging an extension with LOEclipse
Remote debugging an extension with LOEclipse

The LOEclipse-Plugin helps with developing and debugging extensions and UNO components from the Eclipse IDE.

Due to some changes in both LibreOffice and Eclipse, the Plugin didn’t work anymore with recent versions. It has now been updated and fixed to work with LibreOffice > 5.0 and Eclipse Mars (4.5). Note that it is no longer compatible with LibreOffice 3.x and 4.x. LibreOffice 4.4 is already at its End of Life and 5.1 will be released in February, so this shouldn’t hurt too much¹.

Also the Eclipse Update Site is now hosted by The Document Foundation. You can install the new version of the Plugin by adding this Update Site to Eclipse:


  • Support for LibreOffice 5.0 added. Older releases are no longer supported.
  • Support for Eclipse Mars (4.5) added.
  • Fixed Deployment & Debugging
  • Deployment: Install extensions without asking when in debug mode or using a separate user profile
  • Runtime configuration now reads package contents from instead of having an own tab for this
  • Renamed the extension and internal paths (OpenOffice -> LibreOffice)
  • Hosting now by The Document Foundation
  • Java 7 is the new baseline for the code (instead of Java 5)
  • Various internal cleanups
  • Fix #5: Invalid oxt files created on Windows

More information can be found on the plugin’s Github page.

Thanks to the Austrian Federal Computing Center and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice for sponsoring the work on this!

¹ If it does hurt, get in touch with us. We surely can help you with our LTS Services.